Kid’s Education and You (KEY) now serves 260 children thanks to you!

Published: August 3, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Kid’s Education and You (KEY) is an initiative by SEBI registered investment advisor, Melvin Joseph to help children from low-income families with a monthly payment of Rs. 2000 from donors. The initiative now helps 260 children thanks to your support. A report and how you can be part of KEY to help out.

On Aug 2nd there was a post in Facebook group Asan Ideas of Wealth (AIFW) asking suggestions regarding investment after the untimely death of a person. I suggested him to contact Melvin Joseph who has immense experience in handling such cases pro bono.

Immediately Melvin responded in the group and offered free service to the bereaved family. He also offered to arrange sponsors for the two children of that family for monthly education support.

Most of the readers of Freefincal and members of Asan Ideas of Wealth are aware of the initiative called Kid’s Education and You ( KEY) which was started in 2018. When it was announced at freefincal – Start This Rs. 2000 SIP: It is rewarding in both bear & bull markets! – eight children were part of the program. As on date, 260 needy kids are beneficiaries of this scheme. The above link also describes the origin story of KEY.

Recently Melvin released a video in which he is talking about the motivation behind starting “KEY” and how it can create an impact in educating needy kids in our society. I thought of sharing that video through this post.

Myself, Ashal and many other members from AIFW and Freefincal are sponsors in this noble program. You can also participate in this noble cause. You can contact him through melvin (at) or call him at 9820843739. Melvin would connect you with a needy child and you will have to transfer Rs. 2000 a month towards the child’s education.

Melvin is one of the first Fee-Only Financial planners in India who started conflict-free investment advisory in 2010. He is still offering his services at affordable rates. You can read Melvin’s story here: Fee-only Advisor Journey: Melvin Joseph’s determined struggle to the top

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