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Start This Rs. 2000 SIP: It is rewarding in both bear & bull markets!

One of the first SEBI registered investment advisors in the country, Melvin Joseph is an amazing person. He has devised an Rs. 2000 SIP (which I have signed up for) that will not only reward you in bear or bull markets but also change your life and not just your life! No better day to start this journey than today – Gandhi Jayanti. Over to him for details.

There was an agriculturist in my village who died 35 years ago. Let’s call him Ramu. He was uneducated but had decent agricultural income. Near his house, there was a family with 5 children whose father was a poor farmer and was finding it difficult to educate his children.  Among the 5 children, the first 2 were boys, the middle one a girl and the next 2 were boys.  The elder brothers were doing odd jobs in our village after dropped out of school in the early years.

The only girl Sita passed 10th class with decent mark but there was no means for the family to send her for further studies.  Her father expected her to do odd jobs to support the family while the younger brothers were still in school.  She stopped studies and started going for odd jobs at the age of 16 along with her elder brothers for the next 1 year.

Ramu, the agriculturist asked Sita’s father to send her for Pre Degree course and has agreed to meet the expenses for her studies.  During those days Pre Degree course was offered in colleges and the nearest college was around 25 kilometres away.  With the support from Ramu, Sita completed her higher secondary course and then joined for a nursing diploma course.  After working in a local hospital as a nurse for 2 years, she got a job in a hospital in Dubai.

Sita helped her younger brothers to join hotel management diploma course after 10th class.  They were also lucky to get jobs in Dubai.  She also helped the elder brothers in setting up some small-scale units.

Now all the 5 siblings are well settled in life. Their children are all white-collar employees and have settled down in various cities in India and abroad!  Last week, when I visited Kerala, I could hear that 12 children from the next generation of this family are employed in decent jobs. What a difference Ramu made in this family! The cascading effect of this for the next generations will be great.

As a schoolboy, I was closely watching Ramu and this family of 5 siblings.  Motivated by the kind gesture of Ramu, I have decided to help someone when I start earning in life.  Though I started working from age of 21, I could start this support only from age 35 only.

In 2003, I sponsored the son of a fisherman in Tamilnadu and supported him from 5th class till 12th standard in his studies.  He went for graduation through an education loan. Now he is a bank employee.  Another sponsored boy joined as a police inspector in Karnataka.  Few other kids will be joining jobs in the near future.  I slowly increased the sponsorship and reached 15 kids this year.  I am crediting 2000/- per month in the bank account of their mother. This ensures that the entire amount is reaching the child. In the present condition, this amount is sufficient for a child to meet the entire school expenses including fees, books and dress. This also acts as a motivation for their parents to keep the child in school. I will support them till 12th class. After that, they have to manage higher studies through an education loan.

Kids’ Education and You (KEY)

On 29th March this year on my 50th birthday, I made this public and requested my friends and well-wishers to join this scheme.  A movement called KEY (Kid’s Education & You) was launched for this. As per this, I will find out needy kids who require support for their studies. Then I will connect them with a sponsor who is ready to credit 2000/- per month till the child complete 12th class.   After 12th class, the child has to manage higher studies through education loan.

The sponsor will directly credit the amount to the bank account of the child’s mother.  In the last 6 months, KEY could reach the magic figure of 80 kids.  As of now, 80 kids are getting a monthly payment of 2000/-. We hope to reach the magic figure of 100 next month and 200 in the next year and 1000 kids in the next 5 years.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”Winston Churchill.

I am sure many kind-hearted persons will join me in this movement and it can really help many needy kids in the coming days.

If you know any needy kid in your area, please connect with me. I may be able to connect this kid with a kind-hearted sponsor. You can contact me through email – melvin [at] or call me at 9820843739.

Similarly, if you are interested in supporting a needy kid by paying 2000/- per month, please contact me. For many of us, 2000/- will be the expenses for a weekend movie, but for a needy kid, it is sufficient for the studies.

Let’s educate a needy kid and bring his family out of poverty.

Kids' Education and You (KEY)


Come, join us today and start This Rs. 2000 SIP! I am sure it would be the most rewarding investment you ever made!

About Melvin As a fee-only financial advisor, he has served 100s of clients from all corners of the world and is one of the most successful and sought-after fee-only advisors in the country. His website is and you can read about his story here: Fee-only Advisor Journey: Melvin Joseph’s determined struggle to the top. Not only is he the most enterprising and determined person that I know, but he is also the most kind-hearted. He has helped many, many people in their time of need – from helping widows claim insurance money to recharging several desperate Chennaite mobiles during the 2015 floods.

Also read: SEBI RIA Avinash Luthria writes in the Business Standard about how you can open a low-cost international broking account and invest in low-cost international exchange-traded funds:  You can mitigate domestic risks by investing abroad, here’s how

Both Melvin and Avinash are part of the freefincal list of Fee-only Financial Planners in India and Fee-only India: a movement to serve investors and advisors

Ps. to those who are likely to crib that the title of his post is clickbaity, this is not about you or me. This is about the scores of children who need attention and if such a title can get people to click and some to help, then it is justified.

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  1. Clickbaity! Of course it was! But WTF! So what even if it was! I have been thinking of doing this for someone’s child since sometime now. This post has urged me to take action on it! My wife has been doing something in her own small way. These two kids were nowhere in their class when they migrated to a Gurgaon school from their village school. One of them was indeed very poor in studies! She started tutoring them on a daily basis – 3-4 hours everyday. It’s a matter of great pride for her that today both the kids are amongst the top three in their class! Let me also do something!

    1. Happy to hear this Capt. Anand. All the best.

  2. Amazing work! I was searching over the weekend if such a service exists and google connected me to this post. Amazing work and looks good. People will all pitch in and where our govt is lacking the people will make the country improve 🙂

  3. Good work
    I am in

  4. Ultimate work. Better than investting in stocks. Invest in kids.

  5. Although I respect Education, I respect Health and Life more than anything. So, I have joined a perpetual donation program with a trust which helps children who are unwell in hospitals and who need medical care which is costly. I consider this praying to God.

    Nevertheless, wonderful to know about this SIP, with the best.

  6. Wonderful step. But I fail to understand reference of Winston Churchill Quote. If I remember correctly, it was the same idiot who quote during infamous Bengal famine, “poor Indian Rats deserve to die of starvation.” I still can’t digest that fact, how can such scumbags be mentioned in such noble deed.

  7. Please make this friction-less by providing a link where people can signup to setup the ‘SIP’ instead of the e-mail or call me routine. Thanks.

    1. Cannot be done as it is one to one.

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