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The freefincal robo advisory software template released on Sep. 7th has had an enthusiastic response from readers. Thank you for your support. As always I look forward to your feedback and feature enhancement suggestions. In this post, I discuss some of the key features of the robo template.

These features are hidden in the free version of the template (download link below). Those interested in getting full access (to present and future versions) can do so for a nominal* one-time fee by writing to freefincal [at] Details below. read more


Download the freefincal robo advisory software template to plan from start to finish for retirement (early, normal, before and after), non-recurring financial goals (child education) and recurring financial goals (Holiday, appliances etc.). The template is free for personal and commercial use, but the user cannot modify the internal settings that decide the asset allocation based on risk-reward balance. read more


In this post, I discuss the basics of robo advice, its pros and cons for the benefit of the interested layman as a lead up to the launch of the freefincal robo advisory template next week.

What is robo advisory?

Suppose you wish to plan for your daughter's college expenses 10 years from now and wish to know how much has to be invested and where. Let us consider the inputs and outputs of this calculation.


1: The current cost of the education you have in mind (hard to come up with a number as this can change down the line, but we need some input to start with). read more