Financial Freedom Calculator – Version 1

Imagine having a corpus big enough to generate enough money to handle all your annual expenses while still growing to keep pace with inflation for your lifetime!

You would then be financially free! Of course you will have to be free of debt as well. You are then ready to retire or work whenever you want!

Find out when you can achieve financial freedom with this calculator.

There are two options: one version for a person with no debts and another for a person with a home loan (or any one loan) with amortization options.

If you have other financial goals then you need to be careful in entering the amount you can save for financial freedom. The same goes for someone young and unmarried but is likely to marry and start a family in future,

This calculator is similar in some sense to the ‘When can I Retire? Calculator’ I made earlier. This is different in the computation method, is probably easier to use and has loan amortization options.

Go ahead give it a try. I would appreciate a few words of feedback.

Download the Financial Freedom Calculator

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16 thoughts on “Financial Freedom Calculator – Version 1

  1. Hi Mr.Pattabiraman M, i received many mails on financial literature but when ever ur mail drop@my inbox is really worth reading,its very useful and i can understand ur hardwork and experience behind all the calculators u have made.Thanks,Umang Agarwal,New Delhi.

  2. Hi Pattu,
    I came here through subra’s blog. Downloaded financial freedom calculator, trying to enter nos and see the result in Calc in linux. Whatever no I enter for my take home income, even though investible surplus correctly changes, the “Then home loan will get closed after (years)” remains at 0.4. My range of surplus entered was 50k to 1L and outstanding loan was 15L. So it can never happen in 0.4 years. Something is wrong. Havent tried with microsoft excel.

    1. Dear Aprana, Thanks for trying out the calculator. Most excel will not convert correct in openoffice. I have uploaded this calculator to microsofts skydrive and have sent you an invite to view. Let me know if the error persists. Thanks

  3. Hi Pattu,

    I have used FD other calculators it is good.

    If you provide a Savings Bank Account Calculator it will be very help full.
    we can cross check with the bank.

    1. Hi, Thank you. Yes I did consider a savings bank account before but I am not able to get the correct formula to do this. Will keep this in mind.

  4. Hi Pattu,
    The blog is excellent with so many calculators and I have started looking into different calculators.
    While using the freedom calculator I found out that the total current investments is missing from this calculator in without liabilities sheet.

    1. Hi Santhosh, Both sheets have a ‘current assets’ and ‘rate of return on your assets’ entries. This should handle current investments.

  5. Dear Sir, I’m trying to understand the calculations, could you please clarify how you used [(1+ffret)/(1+inf)-1] as the rate to be used in PV formula (cell F2, Without Calculations sheet)? I understand how the PV formula works, but I’m not able to derive the formula used for the rate, is it related to growing annuity formula?

  6. Dear Pattu,

    Really appreciate your work in giving people like us in getting to learn about financial planning. I have tried using this calculator and found it making sense to know about future expenses, inflation and other criteria s.
    However, I would like to comment that how can I ensure that this is the amount which I need to invest monthly or annually in order to attain this retirement corpus? This is required in case of a person, reaching his retirement in another 10-15 yrs and financial freedom calc mentions it about 20 yrs or more, to reach fin. independence. This will help that person to increase its allocation and reduce this time period.

    Thanks & Regards

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