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Guide to Last Minute Tax Saving

Here is a compilation of posts that hopefully can serve as a guide to last minute tax saving.

Do not use ELSS mutual funds to save tax in the last minute! Unless you understand the volatile nature of equity returns, do not listen to any AMC or agent and invest in ELSS in the last minute. The return you can get from equity this month, you will also get if you invest next month (April).

Last minute tax saving tips 2016: Invest only in what you understand Do not invest in haste and regret later. In this juncture (mar 31st deadline), it is important to invest only in instruments that you fully understand.

Making the best use of section 80C for tax saving: an example Are you sure you need to make additional investments at this point in time? Are you make the best use of 80C?

Do Not Invest Rs. 50,000 in NPS For Saving Tax!  NPS is a long-term commitment. Never invest in such instruments at the last minute. If the new rules make this attractive, invest from April.

Other posts that may help

PPF or ELSS? Where should I Invest to Save Tax? 

The Myth About ELSS Fund Lock-in

Young Earners: Do not invest Rs. 1.5 Lakh in PPF!

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