Multi-Index Mutual Fund SIP/Lump Sum Returns Analyzer

Use this tool to  analyse the performance of equity mutual funds with 31 indices from BSE and NSE. Monthly SIP and lump sum investments for periods ranging from one to seven years can be compared. This is the third version of the Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer.  The present version is an offshoot of the  S&P BSE Indices Historical Data Downloader

The following Indices are available for comparison:

NSE: CNX Nifty, CNX Mid Cap, CNX 500, CNX 100

The NSE server is not Excel friendly. So data for these indices from April 2006 to Oct 2013 is stored in the file. Data from Oct. 2013 to-date is obtained from Yahoo Finance.

BSE: All 27 indices!


  •  Choose the mutual fund you need to analyze, click the analyze fund macro button and observe the results! As simple as that.
  • Mutual Fund NAV history from 3rd April 2006 to the last business day are retrieved from the AMFI website.
  • Why April 3rd 2006? That is the last date in the AMFI database! If you want NAV history from fund inception you can use this downloader to retrieve it from Yahoo! Finance. However, this is not possible for some funds like HDFC Top 200.
  • SIP returns, investment value, total units etc. are calculated for investment durations ranging from 1 to  years with the last business day as the end-date
  • Choose a relevant equity index, click the analyze index macro button and observe results!
  • Lump sum returns for (approximately) the same period as the SIP duration is also calculated for the fund and index.
  • You can also calculate returns for any two dates within the NAV history (instructions in the file)
  • Here is a screenshot of the Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer



Version 5:  Download the multi-index rolling returns calculator June 2017

 Download the Multi-Index Mutual Fund SIP/Lump Sum Returns Analyzer

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