Freefincal Mutual Fund Screener with SIP Returns

The freefincal mutual fund screener on Google Sheets is now available with 1,3,5,10,15 and 20-year SIP returns data from Value Research.

This is an independent screener which complements the previously published Freefincal Mutual Fund Screener- Google Sheets Edition (call this SCR1) which is based on 12-year annual returns and 1,2,3...12 year CAGRs.

So SCR1 is based on lump sum returns and the present screener (SCR2) is based on SIP returns.

Here are a few screenshots

Inputs page
The screener page

How does the screener work?

Ramesh Vijayaraghavan made some modifications to simplify usage. Download it from here:

  • Make a copy
  • Please wait until all calculations are done. The default category is "Large cap" and default reference rank is '15'.
  • Go to screener sheet and play with shortlisting. If you are not familiar with data sorting, you can watch this video - after first 4 minutes. Note: this video is only a tutorial for using the screening feature and is based on the lump sum screener sheet.

Old Version

Three screens are available:

  1. Consistency in 1,3,5,10,15 and 20-year SIP returns falling in the top 15 (can be varied) for each duration.
  2. Consistency in 1,3,5,10,15 and 20-year SIP returns falling above respective category average.

They can be used together or individually to create a shortlist.

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8 thoughts on “Freefincal Mutual Fund Screener with SIP Returns

  1. Deepak Agrawal

    The Input sheet of this screener says -
    For greater clarity, see "How to interpret results" section in the Shortlist sheet.

    I could not find Shortlist Sheet.

    Please guide.

    Thanks for a great resource.


  2. Darshan Trivedi

    Hi, your articles are really very great. I was going thru' the video in this article "Freefincal Mutual Fund Screener User Guide". At time 0.46 minutes, you are guiding to open Notepad with and then to copy paste it into the excel script editor window.

    My query is I am not understand how do I get the programme lines written in Notepad with


  3. Darshan Trivedi

    Hi, I am still awaiting your valuable reply. I wish to know how the codes/program lines were obtained in the note pad file shown in your video.

    Step-1: Make a copy
    Step-2: Go to Tools --> Script Editor
    Step-3: Delete the 3 lined code which comes on screen
    Step-4: Open notepad file and copy paste the codes from this notepad into the screen of Step-3 above.

    Here, Step-4 is where I am stuck. Pls do the needful.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Darshan Trivedi

    1. freefincal

      Use the link provided by Ramesh Vijayaraghavan in the post. That does not need the script editor. Sorry for the late response.

  4. Darshan Trivedi

    Also, I believe the version "Freefincal Mutual Fund SIP Returns Screener 1.0.0" is the latest one.

    Pls excuse me if I have missed any earlier information of yours.


  5. Vivek

    Sir, very good tool. I have a suggestion you can also add a column expense ratio if it is feasible, which will be useful to select a fund in the short list which is having lesser expense ratio. Also I tried "Show only funds with 3 years of return" but it does not show direct plans of mutual fund.


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