Automated Stock Analysis with data

Here is a free stock analysis spreadsheet that can automatically process balance sheet data from This is the 12th edition of the freefincal automated stock analyzer.

The previous versions used financial data. However, since I received requests to make a spreadsheet that can process data, I thought I will give it a try. I would say that about 80% of the features of past versions can be found here.

Also, check out the freefincal stock screener

Features of the stock analysis spreadsheet

The spreadsheet

  • pulls financials from excel files (to be downloaded by the user)
  • pulls adjusted stock price history from money control, and
  • calculates intrinsic value six different ways!

Previous editions which pulled financials from Morningstar and annual (standalone/consolidated) and quarterly financials from Value Research online are also available (use links below).

Valuation models available:

1) Price Multiple Model

2) Sustainable Growth Rate

3) Book Value Growth Rate (Buffett’s approach to valuation)

4) Discounted Cash Flow (DCF): Not yet available as free cash flow data is missing in

5) Reverse DCF Valuation : Not yet available, same reason above. Get it from the morninstar edition.

6) Graham formula and Graham number

7) Piotroski Score for the last 9 financial years

8) Earnings Growth Estimate.

9) Automated Return on Equity Analysis with the Dupont Formula

The “read me first” sheet


  1. Get an account from
  2. Choose a stock and download the balance sheet data using the “export to excel” option on the top right of the stock page.
  3. Open both the analysis spreadsheet and the screener file.
  4. Go to the screener-inputs page and follow the instructions (run a couple of macros).
Instructions for using screener
Instructions for using screener

CAUTION: Screener has the ability to upload custom modified templates so that the next time you download the balance sheet data of another stock, the formulae would be intact.


This has macros and hopefully, their server will reject it seeing the file extension.

I shall release a macro-free template which can be uploaded in a day or two. This will not have any macros and stock price history from moneycontrol will not be available.

Screenshots of the stock analysis spreadsheet

The screener data sheet. The quarterly data will be removed by the analyser.
The analysis sheet where screener data is processed. This is quite disordered. Will set this right in future versions.
Balance sheet metrics can be graphically analyzed here
The moneycontrol page for downloading stock price history.
Historical stock price data

Altman Z-score analysis of the financial health of a business


Automated Return on Equity Analysis with the Dupont Formula
stock-analysis-spreadsheet-9Automated Stock Analysis with the Piotroski Score
stock-analysis-spreadsheet-10Stock Analyzer with Graham Formula and Graham Number
stock-analysis-spreadsheet-11Valuation with price multiple model

Valuation using sustainable growth ratestock-analysis-spreadsheet-13Valuation using Book Value Growth Rate (Buffett’s method)

Earnings power box analysis

Automatically evaluates the nature of the stock. Get more details here: It’s Earnings That Count: Forget the next Infy; Can you identify the next Satyam? Earnings Power Box

Please share this sheet with stock investors so that it can be made better.

Windows Version: Download the May 2017 freefincal stock analyser scr edition

March 2017: Download the freefincal stock analyzer- edition version

Use morningstar financials instead of Download the freefincal stock analyser V13 with Earnings Power Box

Mac Version: Automated Stock analyser with data (this does not have the earnings power box feature. Will update if there is a demand)

Thanks to Mr. Bashyam for pointing an error. This has now been corrected.


Also, check out the freefincal stock screener

Note: In a huge project like this, bugs are common. Please let me know about them and I will sort it out.

Please check the logic and formula adopted before using the sheet.

Disclaimer: This analyzer was developed as an education tool by a student of the market. I am not responsible for the outcome of your investment decisions directly or indirectly influenced by this sheet.

The onus on knowing when to use this analyzer and how to interpret the results is the responsibility of the user.

47 thoughts on “Automated Stock Analysis with data

  1. Sir, how do we add a new stock to the old Morningstar spreadsheet. I was trying to analyze Thyrocare but the name doesnt come up in the company name

  2. Dear Pattu,

    I followed your instructions and both the xl file and screener-inputs worksheet are open. I clicked on the 1st macro button and the correct stock name appears in step 4. Then I selected the stock in question and clicked on 2nd macro button. I was shown a run time error with ‘type mismatch’. When I debug, I’m taken to Microsoft Visual basic window, unable to proceed.


  3. Hello,
    You do one one thing add a sheet or whatever way you like setup it such a manner that user will input “free cash flow ” manually and DCF & Reverse DCF Valuation gets calculated as per your coding .

    1. I have re-uploaded twice. Can you please check if the name of the file that you have is the same as that in the curent link? I just checked and it seems to work okay for me.

  4. Raj, are you sure have the latest version? It works okay for me. What error do you get? It should not be version dependent.

    1. 1) is your file name freefincal-stock-analyzer-Aug-2016-scr-edition-v1a-1.xlsm
      2) If no, please download the latest file. If yes, when you get the error, please click on debug and send the screenshot to freefincal [at] gmail [dot] com.

  5. Hi Patta,

    There is a small mismatch of the file name downloaded and the file name in the macro which causing the run time error. Please make sure that the file available for download is named as freefincal-stock-analyzer-Aug-2016-scr-edition-v1a.xlsm, right now it has got an “-1” appended.


  6. Hi,

    I am getting the following error when I am trying to run the two macros ( step 4) – Run time error – 9. Subscript out of range.

  7. Hi Mr Pattabiraman,
    Tried using freefincal-stock-analyzer-Aug-2016-scr-edition-v1b.xlsm.
    I followed the steps listed in the sheet ‘Moneycontrol’. After having pasted the url post search in moneycontrol for monthly price data, I am not able to upload moneycontrol data. When pressed ‘Get Data’, it still opened debug screen.

    Can you pl check.


  8. I am using the mac version of excel.

    Initiall when I enable micros, it gives a security warning and when I say enable content it gives an error “Not all data refreshed” false_9 // do you want to refresh all ?

    if I say Ok it gets hung forever and when I press cancel and comeback to excel and point the screener file and click on third button it throws an error

    Microsoft Visual Basic
    Run-time error ‘9’

    Subscript out of range

    1. Yes, this is a problem. I will try and resolve this. In the meantime, just enable macros and not data connections or do not refresh it and it will work fine. You can also disable refresh on start from data menu.

  9. Hello Sir,

    I found below things,

    1) In Datasheet tab, It calculate value 0.0000009 for field ” Adjusted Equity Shares in Cr ” and then all the other formulas shows other that depend on this field. – I tried for 3-4 different stock.
    2) Also in Graph tab for field “Projection from Log(EPS) fit” it always shows #VALUE! tried to correct it but did not understand much.
    3) When we download data from moneycontrol, few rows shows date format different. Like row number 11 has date 13-01-2017 format where as from row 12 to 20 have date 12/1/2017 format.
    After every 15 rows with date 13-01-2017 format I can see 7 rows with date 12/1/2017 format.


  10. Dear Mr Pattu,
    Good day !!!

    The ‘ Freefincal-stock-analyzer-Jun-2016’ V.11 not working since last 3/4 days. The money control price data page is coming blank and also Graham current market price is not updating. Is it because Monycontrol portal recently changed ?

    Kindly revert.


  11. Hi Pattu,

    I am using Mac version of stock analyser, getting below error message when I point the screener file and click on third button

    Microsoft Visual Basic
    Run-time error ‘9’

    Subscript out of range

  12. Hi,
    I am using the stock analyzer Mar 2017 version. I am trying to analyze Chennai Petroleum stock. When I click on step 5 in screener input sheet getting run time error 13. Kindly guide

    1. If you have the screener file for the stock open and still getting the error please send me a screenshot. freefincal [At] gmail

  13. I am using first time the stock analyse version, after entering the money control information link A16 cell stock id is getting updated properly but the data in the tab stockpricedata is not reflecting the number……i am trying file for sun pharma
    Also under Analysis tab two rows Bookvalue per share INR and Payout ratio % is showing #N/A

    can you please guide on this

    1. Moneycontrol has changed its web layout. So any sheet that downloads stock or index prices will need a modification the VBA code. You can do this yourself. Open the VBA code and search for

      .WebTables = “4” Then change the 4 to a 3. So that line should look like

      .WebTables = “3”

      That is it! It should work right now.

  14. Thanks it is working with change for money control…can you please guide on how to address #NA in analysis sheet for book value and payout row

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