The freefincal Excel Stock Screener

Here is an Excel stock screener to scan & filter Indian stocks with multiple criteria. Cap-wise screening & sector-wise screening possible. It gets data from Value Research and allows the user to screen capitalization-wise and sector-wise.

I have always wanted to build a stock screener and hence this sheet. I am well aware that they are pretty good online screeners available. What is being offered is a choice, and I am confident that the Excel screener will evolve into something at least useful to a small group of users, if not as a unique tool. I seek your help in evaluating this sheet and in making it better.

Those who are comfortable with using Excel's data sort options can screen in several ways with this sheet.

For users who are not familiar with the sort options, several simple stock screens are incorporated after consultations with Krishna Kishore - tyroinvestor and Indraneal Balasubramanium - cognicrafter.

They are my go-to guys when it comes to stock analysis. They are capable of simplifying valuation quite efficiently for a low-attention-span dummy like me.

Excel Stock Screener: How to use Video

This video may help build your own screens.

Capitalisation-wise stock screening

This is the screenshot of the cap-wise stock screener

Excel Stock Screener

In order to use the tool, one must first login to Value Research via Excel. Necessary steps are given below.

As you can see there are five sample screens which can be used independently or combined with each other.  Other sort options can also be enabled from the data sheet.


The green cells refer to stocks with current PE lesser than median PE (5Y or 3Y -duration listed).

The following screens are available

Piotroski Score - Higher the score, better the strength of the company and confidence in  its operation. VR article on the score.

Altman-Z Score - Higher the score, lower the probability of bankruptcy. This is how VR computes it

Modified C-Score - lower the score, lower the chance of accounting manipulation. This is how VR computes C-Score.

Debt to Equity - a measure of debt used by the company to operate. Lower is typically less risky. Less than one, preferred by many.

PEG - The PE ratio divided by annual EPS growth.  Less than one, could represent undervalued stock.

Enterprise Multiple EV/EBITDA - Compares EBITA,  the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization with EV, the enterprise value. Low values could mean undervaluation.  However, 'low' is sector dependent.

Current PE less than Median PE - Median is the mid-point of a distribution of values (PEs in this case). Maybe used for solid companies (thanks Krishna).

Current PE more than Median PE - Maybe used for small companies which are expanding, provided other checks are in place.

Sector-wise stock screening

Excel-stock-screener -3

In this case, only essential checks are retrieved.

Download the freefincal Excel Stock Screener

Also check out the individual stock analysis sheet with multiple valuation techniques: Automated Stock Analysis V9: Earnings Growth Estimation

Guest post by Krishna: A Guide to Understanding Stock Screeners

Guest post by Indraneal: How to Build a Stock Screener

Note: Please do the following to login to Value Research

  1. Open blank excel
  2. Select Data in the menu
  3. Click get external data and then from web
  4. A browser window will open and there will annoying script error messages. Dismiss them.
  5. Then Go to VR online in that window and go to main page. There will annoying messages. Dismiss them.
  6. Click on login. If you are not able to do so. Stop the page from downloading and then click
  7. Login with your email (preferable) and click on remember me.
  8. Now you can exit the browser window and start using the screener. It should work fine now.

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33 thoughts on “The freefincal Excel Stock Screener

  1. Vivek

    Hi Thanks for your post. I followed the above instructions but getting a runtime error. Basically cannot access the file

      1. Kannan S.

        Essentially, unable to log into VR online using the instructions above, as the login button on the top right does not appear at all.

        1. Raja

          It works perfectly!

          Paste "" in Excel / Data Tab / from Web /

          It will directly take you to login page. Login in (Check Remember Me/keep me logged in)

  2. Manjunath Chikorde

    Hello Friends
    Thanks your post and comments for the new comers like me! when I follow your instruction to access the update data.... I unable/ there the excel sheet became full blank! so friends please please guide me
    Thank You in advance

  3. Aniket Bhadane

    Is there any article on freefincal for considering the factors while picking a stock? Just like there's a step by step guide for choosing mutual funds...

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  5. detrick

    Hi!!! Can you provide a modified version of your stock screener to screen US stocks? Or what can I do to modify the spreadsheet to download stocks from Morningstar, Yahoo, Google, etc?

  6. Rishi Das

    Great tool! Has everything that I was looking for.
    One question: I want to monitor a few stocks that I don't see in All data tab (example: Kanoria Chemicals, Lincoln Pharma). Is there a way to add them?

  7. Himanshu

    Excellent tool!
    But i am getting a runtime error. Error is -

    Run-time error '1004'
    Unable to open

    Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server

    How to go ahead with this?

  8. Himanshu

    excellent tool!
    but i am getting a run time error. Error is -

    Run-time error '1004'
    Unable to open

    Cannot locate the Internet server or Proxy server

    Please let me know the way ahead.

  9. bankimcn

    Unable to download data using Download the freefincal Excel Stock Screener. I was using it seemly feww weeks back but now, its not able to download complete set of data and request for relogin everytime. Has security feature changes in VR. Kindly check as it was very helpful DIY tool for my analysis.

  10. Scott

    Hi, Great spreadsheet!
    Can the spreadsheet be modified to screen the Australian Stock market?
    Or What can I do to modify the spreadsheet to download stocks from Morningstar, Yahoo, Google, etc?

  11. Navtej Thakkar

    Dear Sir, when I click to get data from Value Research, I am getting the following error "Run time error '1004'. That name is already taken. Try a different one" could you kindly advise how to move forward from here. I have already logged in VR website previously via excel.

    1. freefincal

      I just checked now and it works fine. If you have cleared your cookies and other temp data then you will need to relogin again. First check if you are still logged in and check again.

  12. Navtej Thakkar

    Ok Sir, will check again. thanks. btw, I was able to run the Mutual Funds Screener, there is one observation there. I have added in the comments section of that post. Thanks again

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  14. Nasir

    Good morning,
    First of all, thank you for providing such an amazing tool. My suggestion is that a column for ROCE will be very useful.

  15. Shridhar B

    Dear sir, The stock screener is brilliantly done. It's very useful to sort according to requirements. Adding a ROCE or ROIC column to the screener would add to the utility. I can seen ROCE in the value-research website, so maybe it's possible to pull this data into the excel sheet. Could you kindly add this feature ?

    Thank you.

    1. freefincal

      Thank you. The sheets fetches only the metrics listed in the table of stocks and I cannot find these there.


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