50 stocks with solid earnings power: Ability to self-fund and create value

Here are 50 stocks with excellent earnings power track record. Based on Hewitt Heiserman Jr.’s Earnings Power Box, these companies have the potential to self-fund and create value. You can download a free tool to analyze any stock of your choice. This excellent compilation has been put together by Lokesh Verma based on Automated Stock Analysis with the Earnings Power Box.

Disclaimer: The data presented below is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Please do your own research before investing. Neither Lokesh Varma nor I will be responsible for your losses or gains. Please take some time to read and understand the Pros & Cons of Finding Stocks with Earnings Power for Long-Term Profits before proceeding further. read more

Download the Freefincal Excel Stock Screener – Version 2

Hey, did you know that freefincal has plenty of tools and resources on how to screen & Identify good stocks?! This is version  2 of an Excel stock screener to scan & filter Indian stocks with multiple criteria. Cap-wise screening, sector-wise screening & index-wise screening is possible. It gets data from Value Research and allows the user to screen capitalization-wise and sector-wise. It is meant for newbie stock investors to understand which stocks to avoid. read more

How to calculate annualized return (XIRR) from a stock investment

In this post, I discuss how to calculate the annualized return from a stock investment after accounting for corporate actions like dividends, stock splits, bonuses, buybacks and rights issues. I have made a calculator that will compute the annualized return (CAGR for single investments, IRR for periodic investments and XIRR or investments on random dates) and would like to use this post for its beta release. read more

Download Historical Total Returns Index Data of 52 NSE Indices.

This is an update to the fantastic Nifty One-stop shop created by Pranav Date. Now you can download historical total returns index (TRI) data (dividends assumed to be reinvested) of 52 NSE Indices. You can also download the price history, from 59 Indices, PE, PB and Div Yield data of 51 NSE Indices and the India Vix Volatility. Thanks to Jatin Visaria for informing about NSE now offering TRI data.

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Pros & Cons of Finding Stocks with Earnings Power for Long-Term Profits

In this guest post, R. Srivatsan discusses the pros and cons of using a stock valuation technique known as Earnings Power Box, introduced by Hewitt Heiserman, Jr, in his book,  “It’s Earnings That Count: Finding Stocks with Earnings Power for Long-Term Profits”. Regular readers maybe aware that Srivatsan has already introduced the technique in his first post:  It’s Earnings That Count: Forget the next Infy; Can you identify the next Satyam?. Since then he has come up with ways to automate the Earnings Power Box calculation using morningstar financials and then with screener.in financials. read more