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Spotting Market “highs” and “lows” Using Technical Indicators

Can we spot market highs and lows using technical indicators? The answer is yes, provided a user understands the pros and cons of each method. I discuss the current state of a few technical indicators and discuss their benefits and limitations. This post is in-part triggered by comments from Dhinesh Kumar here: Timing the market by […]

Select Stocks Using the Joel Greenblatt Magic Formula

Version 3 of the freefincal excel stock screener now includes the Joel Greenblatt Magic Formula Screener. This quickly allows you to select quality companies available at attractive prices. The screening can be done index-wise. sector-wise and market-cap-wise. The financial data is obtained from Value Research and the multiple screens available have been created with the help […]

Download new versions: Robo advisory template + Stock analyzer + Mutual Fund Tracker

This is a triple update announcement. Download new versions of the  (1) freefincal robo advisory template  – this gives you a start-to-finish investment plan; (2) Automated Mutual Fund and Financial Goal Tracker – this allows you to dynamically track your mutual fund investments and associated goals; (3) Automated Stock Analyzer with MorningStar financials – value a stock in […]

50 stocks with solid earnings power: Ability to self-fund and create value

Here are 50 stocks with excellent earnings power track record. Based on Hewitt Heiserman Jr.’s Earnings Power Box, these companies have the potential to self-fund and create value. You can download a free tool to analyze any stock of your choice. This excellent compilation has been put together by Lokesh Verma based on Automated Stock […]

Download the Freefincal Excel Stock Screener – Version 2

Hey, did you know that freefincal has plenty of tools and resources on how to screen & Identify good stocks?! This is version  2 of an Excel stock screener to scan & filter Indian stocks with multiple criteria. Cap-wise screening, sector-wise screening & index-wise screening is possible. It gets data from Value Research and allows the user […]

How to calculate annualized return (XIRR) from a stock investment

In this post, I discuss how to calculate the annualized return from a stock investment after accounting for corporate actions like dividends, stock splits, bonuses, buybacks and rights issues. I have made a calculator that will compute the annualized return (CAGR for single investments, IRR for periodic investments and XIRR or investments on random dates) […]