Nifty Valuation Charts Nov 2016: PE, PE, Div Yield, ROE, EPS Growth

Here are the latest Nifty Valuation charts created with the Nifty Valuation Analyzer: PE, PE, Div Yield, ROE, EPS Growth. These charts are provided for information only. No investment suggestions are provided. I only use them sparingly for education and not for investments. Goal-based systematic investment continues regardless of current developments.

Simple Moving Averages: 150 and 363 days

Dual moving average analyser for hurricane warnings shows a bearish trend. But the index can move either way. Don’t take these charts too seriously. Details here:  Moving Average Market Level Indicator


nifty valuation

PE with 10Y average and standard deviation bands


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Misconceptions about the Nifty PE

PB with 10Y average and standard deviation bands


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Div Yield with 10Y average and standard deviation bands

NIfty Dividend Yield

EPS one-year rolling growth rate

This the main chart that interests me. There is no sign of earnings. Without earnings, markets will not move up. I think we have been in a sideways market wrt earnings since 2008.


Return on Equity or Book Yield

ROE has been southbound since 2008!


I have deliberately avoided commentary on these graphs. I think we need to be patient wrt earnings. The lower interest rates should make it easier for corporates to borrow. However, they should have a reason to borrow in the first place. Hmm …

Download the Updated Nifty Valuation Analyzer

Note: The Nifty price data macro works well, but the Nifty PE, PB ratios macros works at times because the NSE server is moody. If the macro does not work, the user can manually update.

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  1. Hi ,

    In the XLS in sheet PE(in the chart) I think there are two series statements as “minus two stdenv”.

    Can you please check and see on needs to be replaced to minus one stdenv


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