IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund: Investment Strategy Analysis

This post details a backtesting analysis based on the investment strategy to be adopted by the NFO IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund. It is inspired by a thread in facebook group Asan Ideas for Wealth started by Anup Maheswari.

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund (IDEF) is a quantitative tactical asset allocation fund along the lines of  Franklin’s PE fund and DSP BR Dynamic Asset allocation fund (see details here) read more

A Guide to Understanding Stock Screeners

This is a guest post by Krishna Kishore who writes a refreshing blog on stock investing at He readily agreed to write this post, explaining the features of a stock screener, upon my request. 


There are many stock screeners available online like the ones from Google Finance, Reuters, Equity master and paid services from Bloomberg as well. Out of them all, is one of the best and the one that I personally use and recommend because of its salient features. read more

Nifty at 10000 in 12 months?

Nifty at 10000 in a year? Before the next budget? Pretty sure most of you must have seen such headlines somewhere.  Here is a layman’s attempt at trying to figure out if these projections make any sense.

Nifty  vs. EPS YoY Growth Rate

First let us look at the way in which Nifty earnings per share (EPS) has grown year on year (YoY). To calculate this, first the EPS is computed (closing price divided by index PE) and then the growth rate is rolled over 1 year intervals. read more

Jetpack Subscriptions Widget in a Pop-up Window

This is a one-off post intended for WordPress users and is not related to personal finance.

The post details a simple method of integrating Automattic’s Jetpack Blog Subscriptions widget with a pop-up plugin.

I use Jetpack for handling email subscriptions. I am used to it since my days and therefore felt no need to use another application for handling subscriptions.

When I wanted to install a pop-up window that urged readers to follow posts by email, I could not find any pop-up plugin that supported Jetpack. read more

Choosing Debt Mutual Funds For the Long Term

If my financial goal is 15-plus years away, PPF is an obvious and pretty good choice for a debt instrument while trying to put together a diversified portfolio.  ‘Which debt mutual fund should I choose for the same purpose, if my goal is less than 15 years away?’, is a question that is asked often enough.

The answer had presented itself to us earlier in an earlier post: Debt Mutual Fund Returns: How to expect when you are expecting! read more