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With an aim to encourage readers to analyse and evaluate mutual fund performance on their own, using my excel files when possible ;), I would like to post the analysis of a fund from time to time.

In the past, I have covered HDFC Top 200 twice:

  1. Step by step analysis guide
  2. Rolling returns analysis

and have covered Franklin India Blue Chip several times

  1. Daily vs. Monthly vs. Quarterly SIP
  2. Rolling returns analysis
  3. Mutual Fund risk and return measures

This time I would like to discuss Reliance Growth.

Reliance Growth is, according to Value Research, a ‘multi-cap’ fund, presently with about 44% mid- and small-cap exposure out of its 95% equity exposure. read more


  • 'The Thoughtful Investor: A Journey to Financial Freedom Through Stock Market Investing', a book by renowned stock market guru, Basant Maheswari who runs a paid stock advisory portal - will be released. Here is a preview of the preface: Dare to Dream with Stocks
  • Thinknum is an interesting portal for investment research and financial research that allows you to collaborate with users from other parts of the world.
  • is an interesting mutual fund research and analysis portal. They have recently launched their mutual fund selection service: the fund picker
  • Excellent article on Social aging by Narendra Kondajji.
  • As an offshoot of a discussion at Asan Ideas for Wealth FB group, here is the 5 year rolling returns of Reliance Growth fund versus the Sensex. The fund is benchmarked wrt BSE 100 (there is nearly 100% correlation between BSE 100 and the Sensex)
  • read more


    Dear friend,

    I have developed an automated mutual fund portfolio tracker which will enable us to track SIP and lump sum investments with minimal input. Financial goals can be assigned to fund holdings, and net returns can be calculated for the goals and the individual funds.

    I had requested members of Ashals FB group, Asan Ideas for Wealth to beta test this tracker. I have been using this since this year to track all my holdings. read more



    Regular readers may recall that I described my experience with cashless mediclaim when I underwent a thymectomy last march.  A couple of Wednesdays ago my mother fell and broke her femur bone.  While mine was a planned hospitalization, this was an emergency hospitalization.

    I am no stranger to emergency hospitalizations (unfortunately). This is the 5th such situation I have found myself in, in the last 8 years (plus 4 planned hospitalizations). read more