In the last couple of days AMFI has changed it web address!

From,  it is now

Therefore, I had to make this change in the mutual fund NAV history downloader.

Also, while working on a mutual fund SIP returns analyzer, I noticed minor bugs in the mutual fund account statement generator and returns calculator.

I have uploaded the new files in the original blog posts: read more


Last week I posted a rather non-technical take on Inflation in India: Will it ever decrease? The  post triggered many interesting comments

I also received some interesting responses on Linkedin. Here is a compilation of comments from various Linkedin groups.


Author: Jyoti Kumar, Director- Development (Co-founder) at Bazaar Analysis Pvt. Ltd

Inflation is simple demand supply game. GDP/GNP (nutshell whatever we produce) of country is on one side and supply of currency on the other side. On GDP/GNP side we have multiple problems. Political reasons are on the centre. But, we should also blame our social or cultural part too. In some states politicians are distributing free electricity to farmers at cost of killing manufacturing units then on some other states they are failing to collect the electricity bill in fear of losing popularity and so, poor supply of electricity and no growth of industries. read more


  • This is an update to the Excel Mutual Fund NAV History Downloader posted a few days ago.
  • I have now included the possibility of retrieving NAV history from the AMFI website in addition to Yahoo! Finance.
  • Can retrieve NAV history of all mutual funds from AMFI up to April 3rd 2006
  • If you need NAV history from fund inception then you could try Yahoo! Finance.
  • Unfortunately, as pointed out by Raghav in the above post, Yahoo! Finance does not use the AMFI code for all mutual funds. So NAV history of funds like HDFC Top 200 cannot be retrieved. Will have to use AMFI for such funds.
  • In the future if an NFO is available the fund name as listed in AMFI and AMFI fund code will need to be added to this tool if you wish to retrieve NAV history.

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Update: AMFI changed their web address from to

Here is updated calculator incorporating this change

Download the NAV History Seeker (AMFI and Yahoo! Finance)

Excel 2007 with macros. If you need .xls files, leave a comment.

Coming Soon: Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer


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Unfortunately, Value Research Online changed their website format shortly after this tool was released. I often wonder if they did that because of this tool!

So this tool does not work anymore. I only keep this post for sentimental reasons.

If you wish you to analyse your mutual funds try these:

Mutual Fund Rolling Returns Calculator

Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer


Use this tool to analyze the performance of your equity mutual funds by retrieving annual returns data from Value Research Online. read more


Inflation – a gradual decrease in purchasing power with time – affects all human beings. The average inflation in India is more than twice the average inflation in the US.  Will inflation in India ever increase?  Many seem to believe that after a long time (say a couple of decades later) inflation will decrease, as India becomes a developed country.

I am no expert in economics, but such sentiments seem to be a baseless dream, for the following reasons read more