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Regular readers may recall that I described my experience with cashless mediclaim when I underwent a thymectomy last march.  A couple of Wednesdays ago my mother fell and broke her femur bone.  While mine was a planned hospitalization, this was an emergency hospitalization.

I am no stranger to emergency hospitalizations (unfortunately). This is the 5th such situation I have found myself in, in the last 8 years (plus 4 planned hospitalizations). read more


Here is the updated version of the Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer published in Oct. 2013. You can use this tool to analyze the returns from monthly SIP investments in mutual funds for investment periods ranging from one to seven years.  For comparison, SIP returns from BSE Sensex, CNX Nifty, CNX Midcap, CNX 500 and BSE Bankex obtained from Yahoo Finance is also calculated.

I earlier got the data from the NSE site. Unfortunately, the NSE server did not send the data every time, and there were often errors. So I have now switched the Excel web query to Yahoo Finance. read more


This week I am holed up in the hospital taking care of my mother who broke her leg last Wednesday. The advantage of not having an i-pad or smart phone is that I get to sit in front of the computer only once a day for about 30 minutes or so. It gives me time to read. I am currently reading a book on portfolio management (FlipKart non-affiliate link), and this has given me many new calculator ideas. read more


While investing periodically for long-term goals, an investor should be aware of two factors:

  • The power of compounding oh-hum, boring!  I am sure most people reading this are tired of see how a small investment grows to an unimaginably large value … after several decades!
  • Volatility Most of us must invest in volatile instruments like equity in order to ensure our returns (post-tax!) are higher than inflation (also volatile!).  The trouble with volatility is that it can destroy the fruit of compounding.

 Therefore, understanding volatility, and containing using intelligent measures  it is crucial for long-term goals.

In this post, we will discuss a technique known as dynamic asset allocation and discuss two ways of doing this.

This post is inspired by the new fund offer from DSP Black Rock: Dynamic Asset Allocation mutual fund using the Yield Gap method. read more


Its been a while since I wrote a roundup post. Haven't been able to find the time to squeeze it in. This week I have some news to share. So here goes:

1. Series on financial planning

I am writing a series on financial planning at Market Express a finance portal.

The first part: Financial Planning: Using Common Sense to Achieve Fiscal Fitness was written in Sep. 2013.

After repeated prodding by the editor I managed to write the second part: Financial Planning: baby steps with perspective read more