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Are you close to retirement (~ 10 years or less)? Do not intend to change your job before retirement? Then this calculator would suit you perfectly! Go ahead give it a try.

Most retirement calculators are designed for young people. The main aim is to output the monthly investment needed. For a middle-aged person this is of limited use. He/she would have a colorful (if not cluttered!) folio with EPF, PPF, FD, gold, mf, stocks, property, passive income etc. Here is a calculator that allows you to take all these into account.
This calculator was designed on the request of one my first users.

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Retirement planning is a complicated financial goal. When you save for a new car, exotic holiday or even for the education of your children, all or most of the accumulated corpus would get spent when the time for the goal arrives. So it is easier to calculate the corpus required for such goals.

When it comes to retirement planning the corpus calculation is complicated because the corpus does not get spent in one shot. Typically it is allowed to grow at some post-retirement interest rate (usually underestimated for safety) and monthly withdrawals are made from it. For complete financial independence during retirement, these withdrawals or pension must increase according to the post-retirement inflation rate.

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If you have used my financial health checker, chances are you might be disappointed because the amount you need to save is probably higher than the amount you can save.

Stop Worrying !  Thanks to this new goal optimizer, you can now optimize the amount you need  to save by 20-30% (typically)!

So doesn't make it sense to check you financial health after the optimization?  Go ahead give it a try! Chances are you will be feel much better!

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Online financial health checkers usually are based on "personal finance ratios". read more about them here. There are more useful to the finance professional than to the layman to assess the financial state of an individual. So I made this financial health checker which does not reply in these ratios.

In fact you could even call this calculator a mini financial report.

The idea behind the check is quite simple.

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All of us have dreams and goals. Unfortunately for most of us the total monthly investment required to achieve these goals is a little too much. The reasons for there are many: we don't earn enough, we spend a lot, we have a lot of outstanding debt etc. etc.

Read this article by Sanjay Dixit who works is a financial planner at Horus Financials

How a Financial Planner can add value through savings optimization?

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