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This calculator returns the CAGR value based on Chit fund cash flows using Excel’s XIRR and IRR functions. Even if you have no interest in chit funds (good for you!), if you are someone who uses Excel to calculate returns (of any financial instrument), I strongly urge you play with this calculator as it highlights the limitations of estimating returns for complex cash flows.


Reader R. Siva Prasad, requested that I make this calculator to try and make sense of chit fund returns. Earlier, reader Hari sent a video link which pointed out the limitations of XIRR and IRR when he saw my Investment Returns (XIRR) Calculator read more

Frugality or a frugal way of life is often misunderstood as being miserly, devoid of the joy and pleasures of life where one tries to save as much money as possible for the future.
Talk about frugality and personal finance and you are often met with criticism, especially by guys in their early 20s : “We are all going to die anyway so why not live it up? Why spend so much effort on saving for an uncertain future at the expense of enjoying today?”. Such misconceptions are a sure shot way of making the future uncertain and short lived. read more


This simple Monte Carlo simulator gives you the probability of a debt fund, with variable annual returns, outperforming a fixed deposit.

If you are thinking about investing in a debt mutual fund, but are worried about fluctuating returns (volatility) – especially after the recent crash in bonds, this tool could answer a pertinent question:

What is the chance that a debt mutual fund, with fluctuating returns, will give me higher post-tax returns than a fixed deposit? read more



  • Bemoneyaware a popular and competent personal finance blogger interviewed me for her blog:  Meet Personal Finance Blogger : Pattu of FreeFinCal
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    This week Hemant Beniwal, CFP, blogger (The Financial Literates) and founder of the Financial Planners Guild of India, announced the release of his new book:

     My “Financial Life Planning” Book with CNBC


    When I learnt about this, I was happy, sad, puzzled and annoyed.

     Happy: To say I felt happy is an understatement. I am delighted. Hemant Beniwal is a person with genuine, repeat GENUINE, interest in promoting financial literacy and helping individuals with their finances. read more