Retirement Tools

The retirement calculators available at freefincal are listed here


Read me first: How retirement calculators work

Low-stress retirement calculator with flexible asset allocation

The even lower stress retirement calculator!

Early Retirement Extreme Calculator

Stress Test Your Retirement Plan

Pay off Home Loan or Invest For Retirement Calculator

Retirement Planner For The Middle-Aged Employee ← developed entirely from user feedback


Generating an inflation-protected income with a lump sum

Illustration: Generating inflation-protected post-retirement income

Inflation-protected Income Simulator

Retirement Withdrawal Rate Calculator

Retirement ‘Bucket Strategy’ Simulator ← Surprisingly popular retirement corpus management simulator

Read me first: How retirement calculators work

Older versions


9 thoughts on “Retirement Tools

  1. Dear sir,

    Can you consider doing an article for lumpsum vs sip considering a case of one time proceeds which is the case of a inheritance,sale of business etc.


  2. Thanks for your reply. Kindly request you to also consider a case where the inheritance is at a young age and large compared to existing fast do we reach the asset allocation desired?what are the factors to be considered?

  3. Good collection of calculators.

    I have bookmarked page in Pocket for future reference. I will also share this on social media.

  4. Hi
    I am 31 years old
    And I am looking for better retirement planning.
    What do you think I should invest in? P2P or mutual fund?
    Or something else?

  5. Sir request you to post an article about reverse mortgage . How to incorporate that in Retirement Calculation .

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