Videos: Uma Shashikant on “Strategic Personal Finance”

Here are the videos of the  “Strategic Personal Finance” workshop conducted by Dr. Uma Shashikant, Managing director, Centre for Investment Education and Learning ( and, at Bangalore on July 26th 2015.

Umaji with the organising committee. From left to right: Prem Nath, pattu, Umaji, Krisha Kishore, Mohit Pandey, Muthu Krishnan and Guruprasad Bhupathirajan

Regular readers may have read the Nuggets from the workshop on “strategic personal finance” published earlier.

It is hard to follow the slides because the hall was a bit too bright. However, one can follow most of the talk perfectly.  You can use the Strategic Personal Finance Worksheet to follow her arguments.

Strategic Personal Finance – I

Strategic Personal Finance – II

Strategic Personal Finance – III

Strategic Personal Finance – IV

Strategic Personal Finance – V

Strategic Personal Finance – VI

Strategic Personal Finance – VII

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