Worried about 2% single day fall in indices? Be ready for more or leave!

On Feb 2nd the day after the budget, the Sensex fell by about 2%. If you this is a “big fall” or if you are worried, you only have two choices: get used to it and be ready for more or leave and head to fixed income. The following charts were published on Mar 11, 2015, after a similar 2% fall on Mar 9th, 2015. Nothing has changed!

Looking at investor reactions, I am now confident that if there is a sustained fall, most of them will not add more to equity. Good. Only the fittest survive.

On Monday last, most Indian stock indices ‘crashed’ by about 2%. Immediately the media ¬†wrote columns as to why this occurred. ¬†The next day there were hand-holding articles as to why one should not be scared of such market movements. A case of, ‘pinch the baby and rock the cradle’.

Here is a series of Nifty graphs in this regard.

A single-day fall of 7% or more


We have had a 12% fall and ~ 8% fall in the middle of a bull run (Jan 2004) and another ~8% fall in late 1998.

So, the next time there is such a single day fall, can we assume the market has crashed and that we are heading towards a bear market?

A single-day fall of 5% or more


Should be cut our losses and exit when there is a 5% or higher fall?

A single-day fall of 2% or more


A single-day fall of 2-3%


Does this put Mondays ‘crash’ (rightmost red dot) in perspective?

If it does, keep calm and MDBSC* on

If it does not, if you feel compelled to fret over the reasons for the fall, if you need hand-holding and reassurances that ‘we are still in a bull market’ and that ‘all will be will’, get out of equity today and stick to fixed-income products.

‘Wealth creation’ is not for the faint hearted.

2 thoughts on “Worried about 2% single day fall in indices? Be ready for more or leave!

  1. Really! When I see ‘bloodbath’ being thrown around casually I do SO want to roll up a newspaper and whack the writer on the head.
    P.S. MDBSC full form (My Dull and Boring Sips Continue) is missing in this artcile.

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