Download Freefincal Retirement Planner app from Google Play!

The low-stress retirement calculator is now available as an android app from the Google Play store. Do give it a try and if you like it, please share. rate and review it.

The app takes into account all your existings investments (equity, EPF, PPF, Fds etc.) to compute

  • the corpus required to generate an inflation protected income during retirement (incl early retirement)
  • and the monthly investment required to build the corpus required.

More details and an Excel version can be found here: The low-stress retirement calculator (hopefully!)

If you prefer an web version (not for mobiles), it here: Online version of the low stress retirement calculator

Advanced versions with features not found in the app are here:

The even lower stress retirement calculator!

Low-stress retirement calculator with flexible asset allocation

Here is a screenshot of the Google play store page





Install the freefincal retirement planner app from Google Play

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