Financial Goal Tracker on Google Spreadsheet – Version 3

Here is version 3 of a Google spreadsheet that allows you to track mutual funds and stocks and map them to different financial goals. This is entirely developed by friends. Version 1 was by Guhan Ramanan. Version 2 by Amol Wable and now version 3 by V Muthu Krishnan.


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Guhan developed his sheet without focussing on returns and daily email alerts. His thinking is that the user should focus on the current value of the corpus and what percentage of the target corpus has been achieved. I concur. For example see:


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How to systematically reduce the risk associated with a SIP

That said, returns and email alerts may be features that are desired by others. Amol modified version 1 to calculate the CAGR of individual investments and XIRR associated with each mutual fund or stock.

Muthu has now added goal planning features to version. One of the key advantages of this sheet is that a same stock or fund can be mapped to multiple goals. The asset allocation of each goal is tabulated and can be compared to the desired allocation. This makes rebalancing easy.

Freefincal financial goal tracker version 3 650x458 - Financial Goal Tracker on Google Spreadsheet - Version 3

Muthu has now added a data sheet where we can enter all important information (Pan card, Aadhaar card, insurance policies etc) and this can be easily shared with the spouse.

Amol had added a feature to get brief and detailed email reports. To do this, one should provide name and email in the Email-settings tab and run the script from the Email tab in the menu (red box below).


To set up email triggers, click on Tools –> Scrip Editor . In the script editor window, click on Resources –> All your triggers and add triggers as shown below. The email frequency can be changed as per your wish. Please set the three triggers as shown below.


The investment mapping tab now has the XIRR and weighted age of the fund units or stocks.


Mutual Fund and stock investments in this version are separate. This is a screenshot of the mf investments. The CAGR of each purchase and age of the units are listed.  SIPs will have to be manually entered in this version.


A similar sheet is available for stocks and fixed income. To understand how to add stocks, please consult Guhan’s original post: Google Spreadsheet for tracking progress to financial freedom.

Version 3: Create a copy of the Google Spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios – Version 3

Version 2: Create a copy of  Version 2

Version 1: Create a copy of Version 1

Please join me in thanking Guhan for making the original spreadsheet (and sharing it), Amol Wable and Muthu Krishnan for modifying it (and sharing it for others to modify as they please).


A reminder that You Can Be Rich Too With Goal Based Investing is now 30% OFF at Amazon (hardcover ₹ 278) and at Flipkart . The Kindle edition(you can use the free app to read it). is available for only ₹90.74.  The Google Play Store edition (read on PC/Tab/mobile) is also available for the same price. Grab them before the offer ends!


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7 thoughts on “Financial Goal Tracker on Google Spreadsheet – Version 3

  1. Mutual Fund NAV can be fetched using google finance without getting NAV from AMFI. Like for Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Retail Growth – Direct Plan, you can use MUTF_IN:BIRL_SUN_LIFE_1SJ61HV. It can be improved using the same.

    1. There is no benefit or improvement by fetching the same data from another source! In any case AMFI is the primary source.

    1. Redemptions can be entered as a negative investment. You cannot rebalance in this sheet, but can determine if you need to rebalance or not.

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