Goal based Investing: 4-part series

Part I: A Step-By-Step Guide to Long Term Goal-Based Investing

Download the Step-by-Step Goal-Based Investing Calculator

  • Macros need to be enabled. Macro used is derived from Excel Workbook
  • A standard goal calculator is also included for comparison.

Part II: The What, Why, How and When of Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalacing Simulator Lite: Suitable for investors unfamiliar with rebalancing. It contains,

  1. Rebalancing illustration
  2. Annual rebalancing simulator with lump sum investment
  3. Annual rebalancing simulator with SIP investment
  4. Annual rebalancing simulator & Lifetime of retirement corpus
  5. Sample data

Sheets 2 and 3 have ‘macros’ to determine the average rebalancing benefit for all possible durations between 1980 and 2011.

Comprehensive Rebalancing Simulator: Suitable for finance pros and pro-investors and anyone willing to learn. It contains,

  1. Rebalancing illustration
  2. Annual rebalancing simulator with lump sum investment
  3. Annual rebalancing simulator with SIP investment
  4. Variable Frequency rebalancing simulator (1,2,3… years)
  5. Threshold rebalancing simulator
  6. One-way rebalancing simulators
  7. Annual rebalancing simulator & Lifetime of retirement corpus
  8. Sample data

Sheets 2-7 have ‘macros’ to determine the average rebalancing benefit for all possible durations between 1980 and 2011.

Download the Rebalancing Simulator Lite (enable macros)

Download the Comprehensive Rebalancing Simulator (enable macros)

Part III: Overwhelmed By How Much You Need To Invest For Your Financial Goals? Here Is A Way Out!

Download the Goal-investment-optimizer

Part IV: How Achievable Are Your Financial Goals?

Download the Returns Estimator for Integrated Financial Goals!

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2 thoughts on “Goal based Investing: 4-part series

  1. Dear Sir ,
    I think you can answer my query perfectly…
    I have doubt regarding FCV 200 calculator And MS excel Fx…
    Let us look …their is one credit cooperative Society AKA is offering 750 Days Scheme ..
    If my Principle IS 10000 And ROI is 17% P.A. what would be my maturity –

    As per ms excel calculation Is 13812.
    As per FCV 200 Clc it is 13816.51397
    As per manual calculation is following-

    After completion ONE year Is 11700 (PRN +Int.)
    After completion of Second Yr Is 13689 (PRN+int.)
    20 days Remain interest calculation Is

    After completion Of total tenure Is 13816.51( PRN+int.)

    My question is which one is reliable ?

    Now AKA Society Is giving MS excel Amount …

    I have put double decimal in excel but getting 17% 13812 Rs.

    Which one is wrong MS excel =FCV 200 ClC + Manual calculation…
    when I put F.v. 13812 i m getting Rate 17% ..(in excel)

    When I find F.v. @ 17% in excel i am getting $13,807.27

    NOW my Question Is which one mythology Is right because in practically scenario its investor money …

    Who Is doing malpractice C.A. ,Auditors,Bank owner.

    It is A loopholes of excel ?
    It is mistake of C.A bz he have not Read TVM concept deeply….

    End of the Story MS excel Have Some loophole ….

    I have Raise this Question in various group not receive perfect Answer Any Resource….

    You Are master of the Excel that’s why i thought I can put A Question to you ..

    1. Thank you for your confidence in my abilities. It will take a little while to work this out. I will get back to you. On the face of it, it looks like the compounding formula used is different. Unfortunately many conventions are used and we cannot call something as wrong so easily!

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