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Here is the online version of recurring deposit calculator on Microsoft's Exel Web app. Thanks to reader Srinivas, I was able to correct a minor bug.

I tried to convert it to Google Docs, but some cells showed incorrect values. This is quite disturbing because if one does not check each cell carefully then the results could be wrong.

I tried the Excel web app instead and found it much easier to use online. Do let me know what you think. Here is the Direct Link read more


If you own a property and receive rental income from it, use this calculator to determine the return on your investment.

If you like idea of using real estate for financial leverage, this is the perfect tool for you. Financial leverage is investing with borrowed capital. In the present context it refers to buying a property with a home loan for rental income and associated tax benefits. For the first 1-3 years returns would be very low (negative). After a few years returns will be approximately equal to the actual appreciation in the property price. This calculator gives the annual return for 30 years. It allows the user to account for periods in which the property was vacant. read more


This intriguing question was recently asked by my friend. Intriguing because it can be answered in two ways:

  • In one word!
  • Or by considering all possible ways an emergency fund would see some action!

By action, I of course refer to emergencies only! American financial coach Dave Ramsey, often says, "Christmas is not an emergency!"

Setting up an emergency fund is the first  item on the fiscal fitness checklist. Just how much should the emergency fund be? You can't make a calculator to address this one! It depends on whether you are a pessimist or optimist! It depends on the kind of bad things that have happen to you or to people you know and the frequency of their occurrence! read more


Reader Karthik suggested that many would prefer to access some of my calculators on Google Docs. Converting them would take a bit of doing since my earlier calculators are not written in a web-friendly way. If you need some calculators on Google Docs and are unable to convert them yourselves, let me know. I will do my best to make changes in the excel file so that they can be converted.

Karthik requested the Google Docs version of the Retirement planner Beginners Version: View it here read more


Note: The variable RD calculator gives the total post-tax interest. I have assumed that only the variable payments are subject to a penalty. That is if a variable payment is not made before a certain date (reader Srinivas says it is 10th in his case) then interest on the variable payment for that month will not be paid.

There was an issue with interest calculation for each FY when the monthly payments become variable. So I had to remove the original download link. I am trying to resolve this. read more