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Jago Investor authored by Manish Chauhan is one blog known to most Indians who use the internet. Even those who are chronic procrastinators with respect to their financial life know about it. My own ongoing journey of financial awareness started with Jagoinvestor. A few years ago Manish started the JagoInvestor Forum, a place where investors can help each other by answering questions. Today the forum is frequented by not just investors but by finance bloggers, mutual fund distributors, insurance representatives, pros from financial services and even CIBIL personnel! read more


The answer is actually a no-brainer! Of course you should switch to the direct mutual fund plans. Need some convincing? Use a calculator and consider the the pros and cons ...

Lets start at the very beginning  ...

What is a 'direct' mutual fund plan? A MF purchased directly from an asset management company (AMC) from Jan. 1st 2013

What is a 'regular' mutual fund plan? A MF purchased through a distributor. All purchases made directly from the AMC before Jan 1st 2013 and all ongoing SIPs will be treated as 'regular' purchases read more


No I am not referring to myself! (although a few my students would have something to say about that!) I am referring to 'One Idiot' the new short film directed by Amole Gupte and produced by IFDC foundation as part of their initiative to spread financial literacy to young Indians.

If you haven't seen it please do so right away, right here!

I had requested IDFC if the movie can be part of 'Saarang' the annual student fest at IIT, Madras, one of the biggest such events in the country. I passed it onto the student organizers after getting IDFC's permission. The students loved it so much that they made it the opening event of the 'Saarang Film Festival'. I was asked to make the opening and closing remarks about the movie. read more


Are you in your 20s, just starting out on a job? Are you married with no children yet? You want to buy a term insurance policy but confused about how much to get insured for? Use this calculator to find out: