A Google Spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios – Version 2

Here is a free Google spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios with an option to receive email alerts. This sheet created by Amol Wable, is a modified version of the financial freedom progress tracker published earlier by Guhan Ramanan.


Amol was kind enough to share his sheet at FB group, Asan Ideas For Wealth and allowed me to share it here.

Guhan developed his sheet without focussing on returns and daily email alerts. His thinking is that the user should focus on the current value of the corpus and what percentage of the target corpus has been achived. I concur. For example see:


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How to systematically reduce the risk associated with a SIP

That said, returns and email alterts maybe features desired by others and this is where Amols version comes in. It calculated the CAGR of individial investments and XIRR associated with each mutual fund or stock.

There is now a feature to get brief and detailed email reports. To do this, one should provide name and email in the Email-settings tab and run the script from the Email tab in the menu (red box below).


To set up email triggers, click on Tools –> Scrip Editor . In the script editor window, click on Resources –> All your triggers and add triggers as shown below. The email frequency can be changed as per your wish. Please set the three triggers as shown below.



The investment mapping tab now has the XIRR and weighted age of the fund units or stocks.



A view of the dashboard which gives an overview.


Mutual Fund and stock investments in this version are separate. This is a screenshot of the mf investments. The CAGR of each purchase and age of the units are listed.  SIPs will have to be manually entered in this version.


A smilar sheet is available for stocks and fixed income. To understand how to add stocks, please consult Guhan’s orignal post: Google Spreadsheet for tracking progress to financial freedom.

Click to create a copy of the Google Spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios – Version 2

Please join me in thanking Guhan for making the orignal spreadsheet (and sharing it) and Amol Wable for modifying it (and sharing it for others to modify as they please).


 Financial Goal Tracker on Google Spreadsheet – Version 3

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11 thoughts on “A Google Spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios – Version 2

  1. Pattu Sir / Guhan / Amol – Thanks. This is called Kaizen – continuous improvement. Hats off to all of you. Regards, Ayyappan

  2. Column C in the Investment Mapping Tab is different from version 1. Therefore I am not able to update scheme code. Please let me know how to add MF

  3. We have now separate sheet ‘Symbol’ for scheme code now. we just need to add codes there and it will get referred in other places (MF/Stocks investments and Mapping sheet).

    In Mapping sheet we just need to enter name of MF/Stock which should be same as name added in Symbol sheet. it will automatically calculate all other fields.

    Steps to add MF/Stocks:-
    1. Open Symbol Sheet – Add all your MF/Stocks entries there with either google or AMFI code.
    Find AMFI code in Current_Nav Sheet
    2. In MF Investment/Stocks sheet – Add all your transactions only purchase holdings
    3. If you have FD then add it in Fixed Income
    4. Open “Investment, Mapping” sheet – Add Instrument and Type columns for mf/stock/FD.
    Copy rows if necessary.
    5. Set Email,Name in EmailSettings sheet
    6. Set triggers to receive automatic emails

  4. Hi Amol, this is a very good software. Thanks to you. I just wanted to know one thing. I went to the Symbol tab and then I wanted to add a new fund name. I suppose the name of the fund in column A has to be manually populated and the scheme code as well. But how will the NAV be populated. I did a tab out from the cell expecting the NAV to auto populate, but it is not auto populating ! Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Thank you Anish,
    Yes, NAV will get populated automatically. Please verify that Price column has formula. If not please copy from cell E2 to new row you added.

    this is formula for cell E2,

    Make sure to get latest NAV. for that you need to run ‘MF Tool’ => ‘Update NAV’ if triggers are not set.

  6. Dear Sir….. I am using this “Goal Tracker”. This is an excellent one. I have customized the excel sheets as per my investment goals; I adjusted the script as well (even though I know nothing about this scripts, I could manage to adjust it). However, at the end, I able to receive only the “daily reports” but not “portfolio report”. When I ran the script, it shows an error “Limit exceeded: Email body size”. Could you please suggest me how to solve this, if possible? Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Hi Amol, Does the CAGR calculations also take into account sells? Also any plan to update incremental performance – meaning how did stock portfolio perform today as compared to yesterday?

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