List of Calculators

This is a list of all the free personal finance calculators available.  (updated Mar. 5th 2014)

All calculators are governed by the following licenses: 

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Flagship Calculators: 

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 Automated Mutual Fund & Financial Goal Tracker


  1. Mutual Fund Calculators/Resources
  2. Equity/Stock Resources
  3. Basic Retirement Calculators
  4. Goal-based Investing Calculators
  5. Investment Calculators
  6. Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit Calculators
  7. Debt Mutual Fund vs. Fixed Deposit Calculators
  8. Portfolio Management Calculators
  9. Loan/Debt Calculators
  10. Insurance Calculators
  11. Financial Planning Calculators
  12. Advanced Retirement Calculators


Mutual Fund Calculators/Resources

Equity/Stock Resources

Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit Calculators


Basic Retirement Calculators

Investment Calculators

Post-retirement investment calculators

Debt Mutual Fund vs. Fixed Deposit Calculators

Portfolio Management Calculators

Goal-based Investing Calculators

Advanced Retirement Calculators

Insurance Calculators

Financial Planning Calculators

Loan/Debt Calculators

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  1. Md.M.Hussain

    Excellent!!!!!!Generation to come would hardly believe that such a useful blog was there in this mighty planet.Really very helpful

  2. G M Ajit

    It will be helpful if you could provide a calculator to calculate the capital gains for investment in debt mutual funds and FMPs with indexation based on cost inflation index.

    1. pattu

      Thank you for checking out the list of calculators. The Debt funds vs FD calculators have this feature, as do the lump sum investment comparator.

  3. Aman

    Excellent content on this website. I learnt a lot about personal finance and other topics from your articles. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Bala

    Excellent blog! Very helpful one stop shop to learn & plan personal financing. Thank you for creating such an asset and helping many individuals. Keep up the good work, Pattu.

  5. Prabha Valiyayi

    Good website for learners like me! May be you could guide us thru for filing ITRs, tutor us , hand holding by explaining every section in the ITRs. Thanks. Prabhakaran V


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